Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine, which has developed along with acupuncture for over two thousand years, has proven to be a powerful healing modality. Herbs are often utilized in conjunction with acupuncture, because their therapeutic effects complement one another. However, Chinese herbal medicine can also be used separately from acupuncture.

A Chinese herb formula is always composed of many different medicinal substances. The formulas used are often classic, having originated hundreds or even thousands of years ago. The method of diagnosing a patient’s condition and devising a suitable formula is complicated and requires intensive study on the part of the practitioner.  

I tailor an herb prescription directly to the patient’s needs. The prescriptions I give usually come in powder form and are ingested as a tea, although sometimes I provide tablets or tinctures. Many people have been immensely helped by Chinese herbal medicine throughout its long history, and I am delighted to be able to practice this ancient healing art.

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